Our efforts torwards sustainability

The focus of the environmental management system is intended to be a transparent and continuous process of improvement that is understandable for customers within the context of both the CR strategy and the sustainable development of the Volkswagen Group. Compliance with all relevant legal and administrative regulations and a cooperative interaction with our stakeholder groups is for us a matter of course.

The Environmental Policy adopted by the Volkswagen Group in 1995 provides the framework for the environmental activities of the brands. For Volkswagen Financial Services, this joint environmental policy within the Volkswagen Group means in particular that we align our core business to these principles and thus support the Group in the implementation of its environmental goals.  


  • The task of continuously improving corporate environmental protection in all central and decentralised sections of the company is pursued by the introduction and further enhancement of an environmental management system.
  • We want to use natural resources sparingly and give preference to products that are environmentally compatible within the limits of what is economically acceptable. Measures to prevent waste and reduce our consumption of paper and energy are important objectives. Regular checks are carried out to ensure that this is achieved.
  • Volkswagen Financial Services takes environmental and sustainability aspects into account in the development and further enhancement of its financial products and services. In doing so, we also want to embed the perspective of ecologically responsible action in the decisions taken in the business process.
  • Accessible and clear information and the dialogue with customers, dealers and the general public are self-evident necessities for Volkswagen Financial Services. Our collaboration with the political community and government authorities is based on a fundamental attitude that is oriented towards commitment and trust.
  • We involve all of our employees as partners in ensuring environmental protection within the company. Our executives are ultimately responsible for the implementation of environmental protection measures and they serve as important role models.