NABU Moor Conservation Fund

Many national and international nature conservation projects require start-up financing so that additional public funding can be collected and the moor conservation projects can thus achieve a broad and long-term financing base. This financial foundation is provided by the German and the International Moor Conservation Fund. This money now enables many local NABU projects to be realised since the improved financial endowment makes it easier to contribute own capital resources within the framework of funding programmes.

The NABU and Volkswagen Financial Services established the German Moor Conservation Fund way back in 2011. Since 2012, Volkswagen Financial Services have provided the nature protection association with two million euros for moor protection projects between the North Sea and the Alps. A total of 13 moorland areas are currently being protected and renaturated through the resources of the national fund. From 2017 to 2020 Volkswagen Financial Services will be investing an additional one million euros in the German Moor Conservation Fund.

The International Moor Conservation Fund followed in 2015, which focuses on the renaturation of moors in the Baltic States. The first project funded is located on Poland's East Sea coast, in the Slowinski National Park. Altogether, Volkswagen Financial Services are placing one million euros at the disposal of the NABU for international moor conservation projects.