Großes Moor

The second major project implemented by the NABU together with Volkswagen Leasing GmbH is located in the Große Moor near Gifhorn. The Große Moor is huge – around 6,100 hectares. It has, however, lost its original character through human intervention. This was accompanied by the loss of habitat for many endangered animal and plant species. In order to halt the species decline, parts of the "Great Bog" were designated a nature reserve in 1984. To start with, a project area covering more than 100 hectares is being extensively rewetted.

The investigations conducted in the run-up to the project showed that 1,800 metric tons of CO2 per year escape from this part of the moorland alone. Solely through the continued peat depletion, a 22-centimetre thick layer of moor has literally vanished into thin air over the last 20 years. The NABU and Volkswagen Leasing want to stop this process. In 2011 all the preparations were initiated for rewetting the moorland. Large quantities of greenhouse gas emissions are being prevented as a result and the habitat of threatened animals and rare plants is also being protected at the same time. Around 150 animal and 40 plant species at home in the moorland are regarded as endangered, and no fewer than eleven of them are threatened with extinction.