Funding Strategy

Refinancing strategy

It is one of the basic objectives of our refinancing strategy to optimise our refinancing costs also in the face of above-average growth in some markets.

This can be achieved by...

...a continuously increasing share of the refinancing schemes via the capital markets

This is also a consistent reaction to the increasing consolidation in the banking sector, which had entailed a shortage and higher prices of credit lines.

...well-diversified financing instruments

Ensuring our growth on the one hand, and (re)financing at the best conditions possible on the other requires an extensive set of highly sophisticated instruments and measures. Our spectrum includes commercial papers, issuing bond issues in different markets and currencies as well as asset-backed securities (ABSs). Due to our presence in different market segments we benefit from the most favourable conditions.

...also utilising means outside the company rating

Our customers' direct bank deposits are not subject to agency ratings. In the case of ABS tranches, it is the underlying receivables, which are subjected to the rating, but not the company. With all these issuances we have achieved triple-A ratings, which is a proof for their high quality. Altogether, only these refinancing sources represent more than a quarter of our balance sheet total. We will strive to increase this portion.

...finding and tapping new investors

By issuing a so-called Samurai Bond we have not only opened up an additional source for financing, but we have also achieved a "diversification of the investor basis" in geographic terms.

...use of capital market derivatives

It goes without saying that we observe the development of the interest rate structure curve in order to take advantage of favourable refinancing rates. We utilise particular financial derivatives such as interest rate swaps so that we always successfully match maturities with our current business operations.